Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Gregory G. Zeller, DDS, MS

Director of Dental Informatics
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Central Office, Washington, DC


Research Interests:
  • Nationally integrated fully electronic dental patient record
  • National database assembly, management and analysis
  • Standards development
Current Projects:

Provider-media workflow interaction.

Development of diagnostic findings and treatment plan module for VA electronic dental patient record.

Creation of new comprehensive national VA dental database.

Development of new VA national reporting system for database analysis and decision support.

VA-DoD collaboration on imaging standards and patient information exchange.

Standards development for infection control for dental informatics equipment and devices, for electronic patient records, and for digital images.

Selected Publications:

Atkinson, J.C., Zeller, G.G., Shah, C.: Electronic Patient Records for Dental School Clinics: More Than Paperless Systems. J Dental ED 66: 634-642, 2002.

Zeller, G. (Working Group 10.1 Chair), Trapp, S. (Subcommittee 10 Chair): ANSI/ADA Technical Report No. 1006 Infection Control for Dental Information Systems. American Dental Association, 2002.

Haggard, S., Abbott, D., Pirie, R., Potter, D., Pringle, L., Schiller, R., Zeller, G., and Gardiner, D.: Strategic Management Best Practices Report. US Department of Veterans Affairs, 1999.

Craft, C., Edgelow, C., Geboy, M., Nagel, J., Zeller, G.: Making change work for you. VA Employee Education System Publication, 1997.

Blase, M., Goodman, H., Schroko, G., Truman, L., Tullner, J., Zeller, G.: Dental clinical care issues: hiv/aids, tuberculosis, hepatitis b & c. VA Employee Education System Publication, 1996.

Tullner, J.B., Zeller, G., Hartwell, G., Burton, J.: A practical barrier technique for infection control in dental radiology. Compend Contin Educ Dent 13: 1054-1056, 1992.