Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Terry E. Weymouth, BA, MS, PhD

Associate Research Scientist
School of Information
University of Michigan

(see )

Research Interests:
  • Computer supported cooperative work
  • On-line education
  • Educational software
  • Learning resources systems
  • Learning support systems
  • Informatics
  • Large scale distributed software systems
  • Multi-media support for science and education
Current Projects:

Selected Publications:

Olson, G.M., Atkins, D., Clauer, R., Weymouth, T., Prakash, A., Finholt, T., Jahanian, F., & Rasmussen, C. (2001) Technology to support distributed team science: The first phase of the Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory (UARC) (Pp. 761-783) In G.M. Olson, T. Malone & J. Smith (Eds.), Coordination theory and collaboration technology. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Olson, G.M., Atkins, D.E., Clauer, R., Finholt, T.A., Jahanian, F., Killeen, T.L., Prakash, A., & Weymouth, T. (1998). The Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory (PDF file; accessible only to ACM Digital Library subscribers). Interactions, 5(3), 48-55.

Clauer, C. R., Atkins, D.E., Weymouth, T.E., Olson, G.M., Niciejewski, R., Finholt, T.A., Prakash, A., Rasmussen, C.E., Killeen, T., Rosenberg, T.J., Detrick, D., Kelly, J.D., Zambre, Y., Heinselman, C., Stauning, P., Friis-Christensen, E., and Mende, S.B., "A Prototype Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory (UARC)," in Visualization Techniques in Space and Atmospheric Science, E. P. Szuszczewicz and J. H. Bredekamp (eds.), pp. 105-112, NASA SP-519, Washington, D.C. 1995.

Clauer, C.R., Kelly, J.D., Rosenberg, T.J., Rasmussen, C.E., Stauning, E., Friis-Christensen, E., Niciejewski, R.J., Killeen, T.L., Mende, S.B., Zambre, Y., Weymouth, T.E., Prakash, A., Olson, G.M., McDaniel, S.E., Finholt, T.A., and Atkins, D.E. (June 28, 1994), "A New Project to Support Scientific Collaboration Electronically." In EOS Transactions on American Geophysical Union, 75.