Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Denice C.L. Stewart, DDS, MHSA

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Clinic Administration
Oregon Health and Science University


Research Interests:
  • Dental informatics
  • Teledentistry
  • Access to care for underserved populations
  • Technology in dental education
Current Projects:


Selected Publications:

Stewart DCL, Ortega AN, Rosenheck R. Oral Health and Use of Dental Services Among Hispanics. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 62(2):84-91, 2002.

Ortega AN, Stewart DCL, Dowshen SA, Katz SH. Perceived access to pediatric primary care by insurance status and race. Journal of Community Health 25 (6):481-93, 2000.

Ortega AN, Stewart DCL, Dowshen SA, Katz SH. The impact of a pediatric medical home on immunization coverage. Clinical Pediatrics 39(2):89-96, 2000.

Stewart DCL, Ortega AN, Alos V, Martin B, Dowshen SA, Katz SH. Utilization of Dental Services and Preventive Oral Health Behaviors Among Preschool-aged Children from Delaware. Pediatric Dentistry 21(7):403-407, 1999.

Feldman CA, Cinotti W, Saporito RA, Stewart DCL, De Castro J, Desjardins PJ. Community Oriented Dental Education: Educating Dentists in Community Based Settings While Meeting the Needs of Underserved Communities. Canadian Journal of Community Dentistry. March, 1997.

Ortega AN, Andrews SF, Katz SH, Dowshen, SA, Curtice WS, Cannon ME, Stewart DCL, Kaiser K. Comparing a Computer-Based Childhood Vaccination Registry with Parental Vaccination Cards: A Population-Based Study of Delaware Children. Clinical Pediatrics 36(4):217-221, 1997.

Galbally JF, Jr., Stewart DCL. Managed Care in Dental Schools. Journal of Dental Education, Vol. 59:484-488, 1995.

Saporito RA, Feldman CA, Stewart DCL, Buchanan RN. Impact of a Self-Administered Quality Assurance Program. Journal of the American Dental Association 125(5):622-4, 626-33, May 1994.