Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details


Philip Stashenko, DMD, PhD

Senior Member of Staff, Vice President for Research
Cytokine Biology
Forsyth Institute


Research Interests:
  • Cytokine biology
  • Inflammation
  • Bone resorption
  • Periapical and periodontal pathology
  • Osteoclast biology
  • Osteoclast gene discovery
Current Projects:

DE-13747: Innate Immunity and Periodontal Disease in Mice.

DE-11664: Immunity to Disseminating Dentoalveolar Infections.

DE-09018: Immunomodulation of Inflammatory Bone Resorption.

Selected Publications:

Stashenko P, Niederman R, DePaola D (2002) Basic and clinical research: issues of cost, manpower needs and infrastructure. J Dent Ed 66:927-38.

Battaglino R, Kim D, Vaage B, Fu J, Stashenko P (2002) c-myc is required for RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation. J Bone Min Res 11:763-773.

Deng W, Stashenko P, Chen W, Liang Y, Shimizu K, Li YP (2001) Characterization of mouse ATP6i gene, the gene promoter and gene expression. J Bone Min Res 16:1136-46.

Balto K, Sasaki H, Stashenko P (2001) IL-6 deficiency increases infection-stimulated bone resorption. Infect Immun 69:744-750.

Niederman R., Westernoff T., Lee, C., Mark, LL., Kawashima, N., Ullman-Cullere, M., Feres, M., Socransky, S., Wagner, D.D., Hynes R.O., Stashenko P. (2001) Infection mediated early onset periodontal disease in P/E-selectin deficient mice. J. Clin. Periodontol 28:569-575.

Sasaki H., Hou L, Belani A, Uchiyama T, Mueller R, Stashenko P. (2000) IL-10 but not IL-4 suppresses infection-stimulated bone resorption in vivo. J. Immunol. 165:3626-3630.

Hou L., Sasaki H., Stashenko P. (2000) Toll-like receptor 4-deficient mice have reduced bone destruction following anaerobic infection. Infect. Immun. 68(8):4081-4087.

Li Y.P., Chen W., Liang Y., Li E., Stashenko P. (1999) Atp61-deficient mice exhibit severe osteopetrosis due to loss of osteoclast-mediated extracellular acidification. Nat. Genet. 23:447-451.

Kawashima N, Niederman R, Hynes R.O., Ullmann-Cullere M., Stashenko P. (1999) Infection-stimulated infraosseus inflammation and bone destruction is increased in P-/E-selectin knockout mice. Immunology 97:117-123.

Stashenko P, Teles , D’Souza R. (1998) Periapical inflammatory responses and their modulation. In: Alvares O. (ed) Critical Review in Oral Biology and Medicine, pp. 498-521.

Li Y.P., Chen W, Stashenko P. (1996) Cloning and characterization of a putative human 116kDa osteoclast proton pump subunit. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 218:813-821.