Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Charles Sfeir, DDS, PhD

Assistant Professor

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine


Research Interests:
  • Research data management and collaborative applications to streamline and conduct efficient research
  • The role of the bone/dentin extracellular matrix protein in cell differentiation and bone mineralization especially therapy design that could be translated from this knowledge to dentin/bone tissue engineering and regeneration
  • Non-viral gene delivery for tissue engineering
  • Integrating research activities with innovative teaching methods to enhance student learning
Current Projects:

Ink Jetting of Nanostructured Matrices for Controlled Gene Delivery

National Science Foundation – Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams (NIRT)

Role of extracellular matrix proteins in Tissue Engineering

Innovation in Education Award: "Adaptive Hypermedia to Introduce Tissue Engineering to Dental, Medical and Engineering Students"

Selected Publications:

Thomas, C.H.; Collier, J.H.; Sfeir, C.S.; and Healy, K.E; Engineering Gene Expression and Protein Synthesis by Modulation of Nuclear Shape. 2001. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2002 Feb 19;99(4):1972-7.

Azari K., Doll B.A., Sfeir C., Mu Y., Hollinger J.O.: A Review of Therapeutic Potential of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins. Expert Opin. Investig. Drugs (2001) 10(9) 1677-1686.

Doll B.; Sfeir C.; Winn S.; Huard J.; Hollinger J.; Critical aspects of tissue engineered therapy for bone regeneration, 2001. Critical Reviews in Eukaryotic Gene Expression, submitted.

Sfeir, C., Butler, S., Lin, E., George, A., and Veis, A. From mouse to zebrafish : dentin matrix proteins genomic characterization, Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissue. Editors: M. Goldberg, A. Boskey, C. Robinson. Publisher: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Chicago 2000. p. 181-184.

Winn, S.R., Bonadio, J., Sfeir, C., Hollinger, J.O. Cells as drug delivery platforms. Adv. Drug Deliv. Reviews, 42: 121-138, 2000.

Winn, S., Hu, Y., Sfeir, C., and Hollinger, J.O.. Gene Therapy Approaches for Modulating Bone Regeneration. Adv. Drug Deliv., Adv. Drug Deliv. Reviews. 42: 121-138, 2000.

Veis, A., Wei, K., Sfeir, C., George, A., and Malone, J. The properties of the (DSS)n triplet repeat domain of rat dentin phosphophoryn. Eur. J. Oral Sci. 106: (Suppl 1) 234-238, 1998.

Veis, A., Wu, C.B., Sfeir, C. Phosphorylation of the proteins of the extracellular matrix of mineralized tissues by casein kinase-like activity. Critical Review in Oral Biology and Medicine. Vol 8: (4) 360-379, 1997.

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Sfeir, C. and Veis, A. The membrane associated kinases which phosphorylate bone and dentine extracellular matrix phosphoproteins are isoforms of cytosolic CK II. J. Connective Tissue Reseach, Vol. 35 (1-4): 215-222, 1996.