Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Sally Marshall, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair - Research

University of California San Francisco

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Research Interests:
  • Relationshipbetween structure, properties, and mechanisms in materials and calcified tissues
Current Projects:
  • Characterization and Modification of Dental Hard Tissues, The DEJ:Biomimetic Model for Material-Tissue Interfaces, Bioactive Composite Coatings for Implants, Biomimetic Synthesis of an Enamel-Like Material, Complex Nanocomposites for Bone Regeneration
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Selected Publications:

Marshall GW, Habelitz S, Gallagher R, Balooch M, Balooch G, Marshall SJ. Nanomechanical properties of hydrated carious human dentin. J Dent Res 80: 1768-1771, 2001.

Habelitz S, Marshall SJ, Marshall GW, Balooch M. The functional width of the dentino-enamel junction determined by AFM-based nanoscratching. J. Struct Biol. 135:244-301, 2001.

Staninec M, Marshall GW, Pashley DH, Gansky SA, Hilton JF, Marshall SJ, Kinney JH. Ultimate tensile strength of dentin: evidence for a damage mechanics approach to dentin failure. J Biomed Mater Res (Appl Biomat) 63:342-345, 2002.

Habelitz S, Balooch M, Marshall GW, Marshall SJ. Nanoindentations and storage of teeth. J Biomech 35:595-598, 2002.

Saiz E, Goldman M, Gomez-Vega J, Tomsia AP, Marshall GW, Marshall SJ. In vitro behavior of silicate glasses on Ti6Al4V. Biomaterials 23:3749-3756, 2002.

Oliveria SSA, Marshall SJ , Hilton JF, Marshall GW. Etching kinetics of a self-etching primer. Biomaterials 23:4105-4112, 2002.

Habelitz S, Balooch M, Marshall SJ, Balooch G, Marshall GW. In-situ atomic force microscopy of partially demineralized human dentin collagen fibrils. J Structural Biol 138, 227-236, 2002.

Schulze KA, Marshall SJ, Gansky SA, Marshall GW. Correlation of color stability and hardness in dental composites after accelerated aging. Dent Mater19: 612-619, 2003.

Kinney JH, Marshall SJ, Marshall GW. The mechanical properties of human dentin: A critical review and re-evaluation of the dental literature. Crit Rev Oral Biol Med 14:13-29, 2003.

Marshall S, Balooch M, Habelitz S, Balooch G, Gallagher R, Marshall G. The Dentin-Enamel Junction-a Natural, Multilevel Interface. Eur J Ceramics, in press