Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Michael I. MacEntee, LDS, FRCD, PhD

Professor and Chair of Prosthodontics
Oral Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry
University of British Columbia

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Research Interests:
  • Dental geriatrics
  • Implant-prosthodontics
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Diagnostic support systems
  • Oral health-related quality of life.
Current Projects:

Clinical reasoning in dentistry: A critical review.

Clinical decisions in dentistry that affect quality of life in old age.

Voice activation of TxDENT as a clinical screening instrument in dentistry.

Selected Publications:

Kawahata N, MacEntee MI (2002). A measure of agreement between clinicians and a computer-based decision support system for planning dental treatment. J Dent Educat 66:1031-7.

MacEntee MI (2001). Epidemiological considerations with oral implants for elderly patients. In: Zarb G, Albrektsson T, Tenenbaum H. Ageing, Osteoporosis and Dental Implants. Chicago: Quintessence International. Chapter 10:127-133.

MacEntee MI, Wyatt CCL (2000). A Clinical Index of Oral Dysfunction in Elderly Populations (CODE). Gerodontol 16:47-58.

MacEntee MI. (1999). TxDENT: An expert system for dental treatment. J Computer Assisted Learning in Dentistry, April.

MacEntee MI, Glick N, Stolar E (1998). Age, gender, dentures and oral mucosal disorders. Oral Diseases 4: 32-36.MacEntee MI, Thorne S, Kazanjian A (1999). Conflicting priorities: oral health in long-term care. Special Care in Dentistry. 19:164-72.

MacEntee MI, Walton JN, (1998). The economics of complete dentures and implant-related services: a framework for analysis and preliminary outcomes. J Prosthet Dent. 79:24-30.

MacEntee MI, Hole R, Stolar E (1997) The significance of the mouth in old age. Soc Sci Med 45:1449-58.

MacEntee MI (1996). Measuring the impact of oral health in old age: a qualitative reaction to some quantitative views. Gerodontology 13:76-81.

MacEntee MI (1994). Clinical epidemiological concerns and the geriatric prosthodontic patient. J Prosthet Dent 72:487-491.

Mojon P, MacEntee MI (1994). Estimates of time and propensity for dental treatment among institutionalized elders. Gerodontology 11:99-107.