Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Winston Patrick Kuo, DDS, MS

Biomedical Informatics Research Fellow

(see )

Research Interests:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Gene expression
Current Projects:

Technology issues: Large-scale analysis to address the issues of comparative advantages and disadvantages amongst these different microarray platforms.

Oral cancer: the ability to predict the biology ofpre-malignant lesions has been limited by controversial clinical terms, inaccurate and subjective assessments due to lack of well-defined criteria for grading, and the lack of genotypic/phenotypic-based biomarkers from gene expression profiles.

Cranio-facial development and malformation: identify candidate genes that will represent distinct signaling pathways and region-specific transcription factors with important developmental functions as well as understanding those involved in malformations in the cranium.

Evolution: Comparing expression profiles of several species (Darwin’s finches) representing distinctmorphologies, we expect that these candidates will represent distinct signaling pathways and region-specific transcription factors with important developmental functions.

Selected Publications:

Blackshaw, S, Kuo, WP, Park, PJ, Cepko, CL. (2002) MicroSage is highly reproducible, but reveals major difference in gene expression among samples obtained from identical tissues, Genome Biology, accepted.

Kuo, WP, Whipple, ME, Jenssen, TK, Todd, R, Ohno-Machado, L, Park, PJ (2002) Microarrays and Clinical Dentistry, Journal of the American Dental Association, accepted.

Kuo, WP, Whipple, ME, Jenssen, TK, Ohno-Machado, L, Lingen, MW. (2002) Classification and Identification of Genes Associated with Oral Cancer Based on Gene Expression Profiles - Preliminary Study, New York State Dental Journal, accepted.

Ohno-Machado, L, Vinterbo, S, Dreiseitl, S, Jenssen, TK, Kuo, WP. (2002) Comparing Imperfect Measurements with the Bland-Altman Technique: Application in Gene Expression Analysis, Proceedings American Medical Informatics Association Symposium, 572-576.

Kuo, WP, Jenssen, TK, Park, PJ, Lingen, MW, Hasina, R, Ohno-Machado, L. (2002) Gene Expression Levels In Different Stages of Progression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Proceedings American Medical Informatics Association Symposium, 415-419.

Jenssen, TK, Kuo, WP, Stokke, T, Hovig, E. (2002) Associations between gene expressions in breast cancer and patient survival,Human Genetics,111(4-5):411-420.

Todd, R, Lingen, MW, Kuo, WP. (2002) Gene Expression Profiling using Laser Capture Microdissection, Expert Reviews in Molecular Diagnosis,2(5):497-507 (Invited Technology Report).

Jenssen, TK, Langaas, M, Kuo, WP, Smith-Sorensen, B, Myklebost, O, Hovig, E. (2002)Analysis of repeatability in spotted cDNA microarrays, Nucleic Acid Research, 30(14): 3235-44.

Kuo, WP, Jenssen TK, Butte AJ, Ohno-Machado L, Kohane IS.(2002) Analysis of matched mRNA measurements from two different microarray technologies,Bioinformatics,18(3):405-412.

Kuo, WP, Whipple, ME, Sonis, ST, Ohno-Machado, L, Jenssen TK. (2002) Gene Expression Profiling by DNA Microarrays and its Application to Dental Research, Oral Oncology, 38(7): 650-656.