Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Sabine Koch, MSc, PhD

Research Leader

Uppsala University


Research Interests:
  • Medical and dental informatics
  • Human-computer interaction
Current Projects:


From the patient’s view: Better communication between patients and health care personnel in diabetes care.

Learning tools for patient’s with psychiatric problems.


Selected Publications:

Koch S, Risch T, Schneider W, Wagner I-V: An object-relational model for structured representation of medical knowledge, submitted to Comput. Meth. Programs Biomed.

Koch S, Wagner I-V, Schneider W: Effective and quality assured use of digital radiography in clinical practice, International Journal of Computerized Dentistry (2000) 3: 107-118.

Edman A, Hamfelt A, Koch S, Wagner I-V: A Web-based User Adaptive Learning Environment, Proceedings of SSGRR 2000 – International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Science and Education on the Internet.

Koch S, Wagner I-V, Schneider W, Han F: New concept of an integrated IT&T-based dental workstation for quality assurance in oral health care in: Cesnik B., McGray A.T., Scherrer J-R. (eds.): Proc. 9th World Congress on Medical Informatics, Seoul, Korea, August 18-22, (1998) 107-111.

Koch S, Wagner I-V, Seipel S, Schneider W: Controlled Diagnosis-Oriented Enhancement of Automatically Segmented Radiographs in Dentistry, Comput. Meth. Programs Biomed. 57 (1998) 125-131.

Seipel S, Wagner I-V, Koch S, Schneider W: Oral Implant Treatment Planning in a Virtual Reality Environment, Comput. Meth. Programs Biomed. 57 (1998) 95-103.

Koch S, Wagner I-V, Seipel S, Schneider W: Knowledge-based diagnosis-oriented improvement of automatically segmented intraoral radiographs in: Lemke H.U., Vannier M.W., Inamura K., Farman A.F. (eds.): Proc. CAR’96 - Computer Assisted Radiology, 10th International Symposium and Exhibition, Paris, France, June 26-29, Excerpta Medica, International Congress Series 1124, Elsevier Science B.V. (1996) 981-986.

Koch S, Wagner I-V, Seipel S, Schneider W: IT-based evaluation and automatic improvement of the quality of intraoral radiographs, Comput. Meth. Programs Biomed. 46 (1995) 41-50.

Seipel S, Wagner I-V, Koch S, Schneider W: Three-dimensional visualization of the mandible: A new method for presenting the periodontal status and diseases, Comput. Meth. Programs Biomed. 46 (1995) 51-57.