Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details


Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc

Director, Curriculum

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Research Interests:
  • Information technology
  • Dental education
  • Handhelds
  • Collagen
  • Wound healing
  • Development
  • Periodontology
  • Matrix metalloproteinases
Current Projects:

CMT-3 Treatment of Oral Cancer (bench)

Characterization of a new in vitro wound healing model (bench)

The Effects of Aspirin on the Clinical Parameter BOP (clinical trial)

Periodontal Regeneration Study (clinical trial)

Learning Disabilities in Dentistry (education)

The Use of IT in dental schools (education)

The use of Handheld devices to evaluate dental students

Problem Based Learning Outcomes at HSDM

Selected Publications:

Karimbux, N.Y., Howell, T.H., Donoff, B. Halamka, J. Going Mobile: Providing a platform to enhance student-faculty resources and communications. J Dent Ed. 66:284.

Lin, J., Yang, J. Sung, J., Wank, D., Karimbux, N.Y., Howell, T.H. Outcome Assessment of Digital Radiography as Compared to Manual Radiography in the Preclinical Setting. J Dent Ed. 66:285.

Quatrrochi, J., Halamka, J., Howell, T.H., Karimbux, N.Y. 2003. ePBL: You Heard it Here First!. Proceedings of the Third International Problem Based Conference. 14:19.

Glick, I., Karimbux, N.Y., Ratiner, A., Yang, J., Howell, T.H., Lin, J. The Use of Surgical Loupes in Predoctoral Education in U.S. Dental Schools. J Dent Ed. 67:19.

Karimbux, N.Y., Howell, T.H., Donoff, B., Warner, G. The Management of Information Technology at U.S. Dental Schools. J Dent Ed. 67:55.

Shah-Hosseini, N., Sobel, M., Ferguson, M., Karimbux, N.Y., Howell, T.H., Carpio, L. Utilization of Full-Time vs. Part-Time Faculty in Clinical Predoctoral Education. J Dent Ed. 67:153.

Reichenberger, E., Baur, S., Sukotjo, C., Olsen, B.R., Karimbux, N.Y. and Nishimura, I.2000. Collagen XII Mutation Disrupts Matrix Structure Of Periodontal Ligament And Skin. J. Dent. Res. 79:1962.

Wara-aswapati, N., Pitiphat, W., Chandrapho, N., Rattanayatikul, C., and Karimbux, N. Y. 2001.Thickness of Palatal Masticatory Mucosa Associated with Age. J Perio 10:1407-1412.

Schrodi, J., Recio, L., Fiorellini, J, Howell, H. Goodson M., Karimbux, N.Y. 2002. The Effect Of Aspirin On The Periodontal Parameter Bleeding On Probing. J. Perio. 8:871-876.

Cruikshank, D., Howell, T.H., Brinckerhoff, L.C., Badovinac, R. and Karimbux, N.Y. 2002. Learning Disabilities in Dental Education: Trends, Management and Concerns in U.S. Dental Schools. Accepted for publication. J. Dent Ed. 10:1178-1183.

Bochner, D., Badovinac, R., Howell, T.H., and Karimbux, N.Y. 2002. Tutoring in a problem-based curriculum: Expert versus non-expert. Accepted for publication. J. Dent Ed. 11:1246-1251.

Achong, R., Nishimura, I., Ramachandran H., Howell, T.H., Fiorellini, J. and Karimbux, N.Y. 2002. MT1-MMP and MMP-2 expression in ligature-induced periodontitis. Accepted for publication. J Perio.