Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Elise Eisenberg, DDS, MA

Director, Office of Dental Informatics
Clinical Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Health Promotion
New York University College of Dentistry

Research Interests:
  • Handheld (PDA) applications & usage in health & health care
  • Dental Informatics
  • Technology used to enhance healthcare education
Current Projects:

Using PDAs to overcome language barriers in dental treatment.

Developing videos for educational use on a PDA.

Standards for PDA software used in education.

Video utilization in dental education.

Selected Publications:

Eisenberg, E.S. (2003) Educational Resources on Diabetes Mellitus, Submitted to JADA.

Karen, J.R. and Eisenberg E.S. (2002) Utilizing a Handheld Device (PDA) to Overcome Language Barriers During Dental Treatment, J. Dent. Ed., 66(2):313.

Eisenberg, E.S. and More, F.G. (2001) The Evaluation of Personal Digital Assistants in Information-Seeking Behavior of Third Year Dental Students (pilot study), J. Dent. Ed., 65(1):25.

Eisenberg, ES, Spielman, AI, Integration of the Basic Sciences into the Oral Pathology / Oral Radiology Clinical Curriculum: A Pilot Study, J. Dent. Ed., 2000, 64(3):177.

Eisenberg, ES, More, FG, Acquisition of requisite computer Skills – A Two Year Study, J. Dent. Ed., 2000, 64(3):201.

Eisenberg, ES, Dental Informatics: Its Importance in Dental Education, Bulletin of Dental Education, July 1999Eisenberg, ES, More, FG, The Acquisition of Requisite Computer Skills for Incoming Pre-Doctoral Students, J. Dent. Ed., 1999, 63(1):68.

Eisenberg, ES, Dentistry & The World Wide Web, American Society of Oral Biologists Newsletter, 1996.