Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, FAAN, FACMI

Moehlman Bascom Professor of Nursing and Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Research Interests:
  • Medical and health informatics
  • Community health
  • Information systems
  • Computer-mediated clinical practice
  • Health services research
Current Projects:

Principal Investigator, Advanced Technologies for Health @ Home, The Intel Corporation, 07 01-01/06-30-02.

Co-Investigator, ADVANCE Institutional Transformation. NSF, 10-01-01/09-30-06.Collaborator, Developmental Centers for Evaluation and Research in Patient Safety (DCERPS), DCERPS on Systems Engineering - Wisconsin Patient Safety, 10-01-01/09-30-04.

Co-Investigator, Internet Telehealth for Pediatric Asthma Care Management. NIH/NINR, 09-01-02/05-31-07.

Principal Investigator, A Community-based Digital Health Library. NLM, 09/30/02-09/29/03.

Selected Publications:

Brennan, P.F., Menighan, T.E., & Herzlinger, R.E. (2002). What area of the Internet holds the most promise? Hospitals and Health Networks, 75(11), Nov, 32.

Bjornsdottir, G. & Brennan, P.F., "Telenursing: What Kind of Nursing Care can be Provided from a Distance?" in press, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2001.

Douglas, S.L., Daly, B.J., Brennan, P.F., Gordon, N., & Uthis, P., "Hospital Readmission Among Long-term Ventilator Patients," Chest 120(4):1278-1286, Oct. 2001.

Kaplan, B. & Brennan, P.F., "Consumer Informatics: Supporting Patients as Co-Producers of Quality," Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 8(4):309-316, Jul/Aug 2001.

Brennan, P.F., Moore, S.M., Bjornsdottir, G., Jones, J., Visovsky, C., & Rogers, M., "HeartCare: An Internet-based Information and Support System for Patient Home Recovery after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery," Journal of Advanced Nursing 35(5):699-708, 2001.

Kaplan, B., Brennan, P.F., Dowling, A.F., Friedman, C.P., & Peel, V., "Toward an Informatics Research Agenda: Key People and Organizational Issues," Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 8(3):235-241, May/Jun 2001.

Stead, W.W. & Brennan, P.F., "Get Both the Medicine and the Informatics Right," Editorial in JAMIA 8(2):192, Mar/Apr 2001.

Pioro, M.H., Landefeld, C.S., Brennan, P.F., Daly, B., Fortinsky, R.H., Kim, U., & Rosenthal, G.E., "Outcomes-based Trial of an Inpatient Nurse Practitioner Service for General Medical Patients," Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 7(1):21-33, 2001.

Kwiatkowski, K., Brennan, P.F., DeMets, D., Dahlen, K., & Buchanan, J., "University of Wisconsin IAIMS Planning: Organizational Challenges Within a Faculty Governance Model," JAMIA (Suppl.) 448-452, 2000.

Brennan, P.F., Bjornsdottir, G., Rogers, M., Jones, J., Moore, S.M., & Visovsky, C., "Launching HeartCare," ITIN (Journal of the British Computer Society's Nursing Specialist Group) 12(4):4-9, Dec. 2000.