Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Kathryn A. Atchison, DDS, MPH

Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Knowledge Management


Research Interests:
  • Collaborative multidisciplinary, community-based research
  • Outcomes assessment and quality of care issues
  • Psychosocial outcome measures
  • Self-reported oral health and general health
  • Dental predictors of osteoporosis
  • Patient preferences for treatment of mandibular fracture
  • Physical, psychosocial and economic impact of orofacial injury
Current Projects:

“Patient Preferences for Treatment of Mandibular Fracture.” Funded by National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research 1R01DE013839-01A1.

“Dental Radiographic Predictors of Osteoporotic Fracture.” Stuart White (PI). Funded by National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases 1R01AR047529-01.

Selected Publications:

Atchison KA, Mito RS, Lefever KH, McCauley K. Introduction to Section: Dentistry and Primary Care – An Evaluation of Postgraduate General Dentistry Training. Journal of Dental Education 66(6):728-29, 2002.

Atchison KA, Andersen RM. Demonstrating Successful Aging Using the International Collaborative Study for Oral Health Outcomes. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 60(4):282-88, 2000.

Atchison KA, Der-Martirosian C, Gift HC. Components of Self-reported Oral Health and General Health in Racial and Ethnic Groups. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 58(4):301-08, 1998.

Atchison KA. The General Oral Health Assessment Index (The Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index). In: Slade GD, ed. Measuring Oral Health and Quality of Life. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, Dental Ecology 1997.

Atchison KA, Gift HC. Perceived Oral Health in a Diverse Sample. Advances in Dental Research, 11(2):272-80; May, 1997.

Atchison KA. Dental health services research and education. Journal of Dental Education 61(1):7-9, Jan. 1997.

Gift HC and Atchison KA. Oral Health, Health, and Health-Related Quality of Life. Medical Care, 3(11 Suppl):NS57-77, Nov. 1995.

Atchison KA, White SC, Flack VF, Hewlett ER. Assessing the FDA Guidelines for ordering dental radiographs. Journal of the American Dental Association, 126(10):1372-83, Oct. 1995.

Marcus M, Coulter ID, Freed JR, Atchison KA, Gershen JA, Spolsky VW. Managed care and dentistry: Promises and problems. Journal of the American Dental Association, 126:439-446, April 1995.

Atchison KA and Dolan TA. Development of the Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index. Journal of Dental Education, 54(11):680-87, 1990.