Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Conference Attendee - Details

Kenneth Anusavice, DMD, PhD

Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Chair, Department of Dental Biomaterials
College of Dentistry
University of Florida

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Research Interests:
  • Dental biomaterials
  • Demineralization
  • Remineralization
  • Secondary caries
  • Clinical decision-making
  • Clinical research on fixed prostheses
  • Controlled-release resins
Current Projects:

Control of secondary caries by the controlled release of sealants.

Optimized design of ceramic-based restorations.

Biomimetics and tissue engineering.

Selected Publications:

Oh WS, Anusavice KJ (2002). Effect of connector design on the fracture resistance of all-ceramic fixed partial dentures, J Prosthet Dent 87(5):536-542.

Oh W, Götzen N, and Anusavice KJ (2002). Influence of connector design on fracture probability of ceramic fixed- partial dentures, J Dent Res 81(9):623-627.

Della Bona A, Anusavice, KJ Hood JAA (2002): Effect of ceramic surface treatment on tensile bond strength to a resin cement, Int J Prosthodont 15(3):248-253.

Anusavice KJ and Esquivel-Upshaw J (2002): Less abrasive ceramic esthetic materials. In: The Changing Practice of Restorative Dentistry, E. S. Duke, ed., Indiana University School of Dentistry, publisher, Indianapolis, IN, pp. 215-236.

Griggs JA, Anusavice KJ, Mecholsky JJ Jr. (2002). Devitrification and microstructural coarsening of a fluoride-containing barium aluminosilicate glass, J Mater Sci 37:2017-2022.

Anusavice KJ and Benn DK (2001). Is it time to change state and regional licensure board exams in response to evidence from caries research?, Adv Oral Biol 12(5):368-72.

Tinschert J, Natt G, Mautsch W, Spiekermann H, Anusavice KJ (2001): Marginal fit of alumina-and zirconia-based fixed partial dentures produced by a CAD/CAM system. Oper Dent 26(4):367-74.

Anusavice K (2001): Clinical decision-making for coronal caries management in the permanent dentition. J Dent Educ 65(10):1143-6.

Della Bona A., Anusavice K.J., Shen C. (2000): Microtensile strength of composite bonded to hot-pressed composite. J Adhesive Dent 2:305-313.

Anusavice KJ (2000): Need for early detection of caries lesions: A United States Perspective. In: Early Detection of Caries II. G.W. Stookey, Ed., Indiana University, Indianapolis, pp.13-29.

Tinschert J, Zwez D, Marx R, Anusavice KJ (2000). Structural reliability of alumina-, feldspar-, leucite-, mica- and zirconia-based ceramics. J Dent 28(7):529-35.